Country: People’s Republic of China

Supplier of: Uv Stabilizer 1084

Xiangfan Yuchang Fine Chemical CO., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise manufacturing pharmaceuticals, chemicals, intermediates and macromolecule additive.

YUCHANG is managed by ISO 9001 of international standard, keeping all the process under QA system control. YUCHANG is holding an R&D centre with an experienced professional team, supported by modern facilities and advanced analysis instruments, such as HPLC, GC, GC with MS and AAS, etc. YUCHANG’s plant taking up an area of 20,000 square meters. It is setting one first-class workshop with separated unit rooms preventing cross-contamination and two sets of HVAC system with 100,000-class. The plant has specific installation for refrigeration system, pressure tanks, hydrogenation unit, gas compression, explosion protection device, Nitrogen production machine and vacuum drying. Featured by a collection of research, manufacture and trade, our products are primarily exported to U.S.A and Europe.

We also under-take contract of product research and commercial manufacture. Through sincere scientific exploitation, teamed by a cooperative and dedicated spirit, adding an honest professionalism, quality technology as well al managerial expertise, YUCHANG is ready to seize the opportunities and accept the challenges from domestic and overseas markets.

Website: www.yuchangchem.com