KCHIMICA is a trading company established in 1976 in Venice region, with a 40 years of experience in import, storage and distribution of specialties and fine chemicals. It represents and distributes products of multinationals companies including Meghmani Organic Limited, Shanghai Yipin Pigments, ARKEMA.

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KChimica works with transparency and in compliance with existing rules provided by the UE regulatories affairs department …

Kchimica puts great attention to the environment. A close cooperation with its partners and the research for 

KChimica thanks to its decades presence on the market has developed strong partnership with its worldwide suppliers 


UV Absorbers and Light Stabilizers for Plastic Polymers and Rubbers have the goal of preventing the degradation of the polymer itself for photo degradation.

The antioxidants for plastic polymers and rubber that have the objective to prevent aging and therefore the decay of the physical / mechanical characteristics of the polymer itself.

The opaque and transparent organic pigments for the coloring of various polymers and technopolymers.

Organic silanes and other additives: special products for chemical adhesion of inert substances on polymers.

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