Shandong Doguide Group

Country: People’s Republic of China

Supplier of: Titanium Dioxide via Sulphate

Shandong Doguide Group, with 5 holding and wholly-owned subsidiary companies, is a company that owns the assets of total value RMB 2.3 billion and takes area of 700,000 square meters totally, having more than 2,000 stuff, in which technical employees almost reach 400.

Our annual tio2 capacity is 160,000 tons, annual sulphric acid capacity is 500,000 tons, annual Ammonium Sulphate capacity is 60,000 tons.

The company has been awarded No.1 Titanium Dioxide Manufacturer on product varieties, capacity, export earnings, market share and comprehensive strengthness in consecutive six years.

Shandong Doguide Group successively established a long-term cooperation relation with many globally famous companies including Akzo Nobel, PPG, KCC, Nippon and Carpoly.