Nymco Spa

Country: United States of America – Italy

Supplier of: Additives for coating

Nymco S.p.A. is a distributor of fine chemicals, specialties and performance chemicals.

With a solid commercial competence and a specific technical Know-how, developed thanks to its many years of activity in the field of industrial auxiliaries. Strong investments in Research and Development, personnel and equipment, have contributed to Nymco’s growth in the range of products specifically for Coating, Gravure Inks, Plastics, Paper, Adhesives.

The company is one the most important Italian suppliers of technological auxiliaries and high quality raw materials also for the textiles, detergents, building and petroleum industries. For the above mentioned fields, Nymco distributes on the Italian market and abroad, defoamers, dispersants, wetting agents, water repellents, anti-moulds, preserving agents, dyes and denaturants.

In recent years the development of pigments has also been of great importance for Nymco. Long experience in the petroleum industry makes Nymco one of the Italian companies authorised to sell dyes and denaturants for this sector.

For many years, important foreign producers such as Heubach, Nubiola, DRT/Granel, Eastman, Norzinco and Air Products have counted on Nymco’s professionalism and undisputed role of leader on the Italian market, entrusting it with the sole agency for their products.

Apart from the activities throughout Italy, a network of Nymco’s agents is present all over Europe, Africa, the Middle and Far East. Sales personnel based at headquarters are always at clients’ disposal for information, technical details and advice on the use of individual products, and to answer specific questions, with solutions that are tailor-made for each sector and every requirement.