Arabian Zinc Oxide Factory

subsidiary of Intermediate Chemicals Co., Ltd.

State: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Supplier of: Zinc Dust and Zinc Oxide

Intermediate Chemicals Company is the chemical manufacturing SBU of the Al-Suwaidi Holding Company (SHC), a Fortune 100 Saudi company comprising of 10 strategic Business units (SBU) employing over 15,000 people.

Arabian Zinc under Intermediate Chemicals Co. Ltd produces the highest quality zinc oxide and zinc dust through standardized operations management, efficient professional services and material control system.

The zinc oxide (French process) and zinc dust (Distillation process) factories with a combined capacity of 25,000 MTPA, located in the Jubail Second industrial City of Saudi Arabia, has a well established quality control laboratory and the most modern facilities to ensure consistent production of various grades of zinc oxide and zinc dust.

Zinc Dust factory, established in 2014 with the state-of-art technology uses the distillation method which gives perfect spherical shape, fine and controlled particle size ideal for zinc rich formulations.