Deqing Toda Sanfeng Pigments Co., Ltd


Country: Japan - China

Supplier of: Iron Oxide

Deqing Toda Sanfeng Pigment Co.,Ltd. is a Sino-Japan Joint Venture which specialized in manufacture and sell iron oxide pigment series.

The company registerd is March, 2003, it is a holding company by Japan, started trial production from December, 2004. The Japanese investing party 'Toda Kogyo Corp.' is one of Japanese listed companies which researching and developing, producing, marketing of related products based on the iron oxide material.

Deqing Toda Sanfeng Pigment Co., Ltd. has three big series products as Ultra-fine Pulverizing Series, Special Treatment Series, High temperature Resistant Series, etc..

The products are mainly used in high-grade paint, plastics, rubber, ink, leather goods, paper, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and other fields, also for the production of ordinary paint, building materials (cement, concrete, asphalt), ceramics and other areas iron oxide pigment.